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What is Heroes and Empires?Edit

Heroes and Empires is a D&D style mixture of various medieval fantasy universes (Warhammer, WarCraft, etc...). You take control of a Hero (or a villain!) and may one day lead an Empire, advancing through technology and the ages. Wage war, make peace, and do what it takes to stay on top.

We are always expanding our horizons, so if you think we're missing something, feel free to make a suggestion!

We use the Pathfinder Kingdom Builder rules for the Empires part.

What role can I play?Edit

Any role that is supported by Dark Heresy 2 system! Dark Heresy 2 is perhaps the most used D100 system which is why it was chosen; exceptions, rules and the like have been made by the DM team to ensure it all works together perfectly.

Can I be a Hero and turn into an Empire?Edit

Why certainly! However, bear in mind this is no simple task! Do the people of the town you reside in know and trust you? Are you a Saint or a Thief? You may choose this path at any time but if you don't play your cards right your rule may be very short indeed!

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